Network Installers
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Hotel Guest Networks with 24/7 tech support are our Specialty.
CAVACOM Provides network repair and maintenance.

  • Integrates new connections or segments to existing networks.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs connection malfunctions.
  • Replace or upgrade equipment.
  • Apply firmware patches or software updates.
  • Network System Design of WAN/LAN and Installation.
    • Hardwired and wireless network systems.
    • Network wiring: Category 5E and Category 6 cabling.
    • Develop wiring and connection diagrams.
    • Design and install wireless networks.
    • Computer room design/builds.
    • Manage carrier installation of T1, T3, DS1, DS3, DSL ADSL, SDSL, cable modem, satellite, and analog connections.
    • Fiber optics wiring: single-mode, multi-mode ST, SC, MT-RJ.
    • Coaxial cable wiring: RG-6, RG-58.
    • Test and certify new and existing cabling.
      We apply ANSI/EIA/TIA standards in all of our installations.